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Sew Along with ALD Self Care Series: Make It Last Quickie Headband

Hey all! Welcome to day 5 of the ALD Self Care Sew Along Series! Today we're making the Quickie headband from Make It Last patterns. If you don't already have the pattern (find it here) be sure to join their group and check the announcements for a discount code to use in their shop.

These headbands really are such a quick sew. If you're anything like me there can never be enough hair accessories around the house. They always seem to disappear so fast! I found these to be super comfortable and they really stay put. I love that they have options for woven and knit fabrics, so it's a great scrap buster for almost anything you have handy. You could even make them reversible for more wearing options.

While you're downloading your pattern, go ahead and measure your head (or that of the person you're sewing for). Check their size chart to see which size you need to print. Once you have, you'll need to decide whether you want narrow or wide to begin with. I made one of each to start to try them both out and check the fit. I found that I was more comfortable sizing down and with the wider option. If you're working with knits don't forget to either fold down or cut off that top section on the pattern piece.

If you forgot to jot it down, the elastic measurements are right there on the pattern pieces. I love when designers do that, it's so handy. Now that we're all cut out, lets move on to assembly.

If you're covering plain elastic, follow the first few steps in the pattern's instructions for that. If you've got an elastic you want to leave exposed, you'll start here with me. Line up your pieces right sides together with the elastic sandwiched between. Pin or clip in place so it doesn't shift when you go to sew it up. Sew or serge this end using a 1/2" seam allowance.

Next we're going to sew down one side seam. Always start from the narrow end you already sewed to avoid any bunching at the end. Before you sew the other side down, attach a safety pin to the loose end of your elastic.

Flip it over and sew down the other side, again starting from the short end you already sewed.

Ideally you remembered to attach a safety pin to the loose end of your elastic to make it easier to turn right side out. (I'll give you two guesses whether I remembered) Turn right side out, making sure your corners are pushed out.

Fold your raw edge in, insert the loose end of your elastic and then topstitch. For the sake of uniformity, you may choose to topstitch the other side as well. That's it! Now slip that one on and go make many more!

Thanks for joining me today and I hope you'll come share what you made in the ALD group! There will be a post in the group as well where you can comment if you've got any questions!


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