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Sew Along with ALD Self Care Series: Make It Last Patterns Cufflet

Hello and Welcome to Day 2 of ALD's self care sew along! Today we will be sewing a Cufflet from Make It Last Patterns. If you don't already own the pattern you can find the pattern here and if you want to make the Phone Add on you can find it here.

The instructions for this pattern are fantastic, great photos and explanations and they just recently updated to include French instructions! Do not let the zipper intimidate you! if you have a zipper foot break it out!

Fabric Choice will make or break this pattern. You want something with plenty of stretch (at least 50%) and GOOD recovery. If you select something will poor recovery your fit will not be the same with each wear. I find that Athletic Bases work wonderful for this project and it is a great use for those scraps!

Lets get started!

Now that we have selected or fabric lets determine what size we need.

For the Original Cufflet: Measure your wrist all the way around just below your wrist bone. Measure Snug, but not tight. then take that measurement and add 1" this will be your Cufflet size.

For example: my measurement is 6" so add 1" and my Cufflet size will be 7."

If you are between sizes you can grade between the pattern lines to create the perfect fit!

Tip: If measuring your own wrist, tack the end of the measuring tape to your wrist with a piece of tape to avoid it slipping.

For the Add On:

most smart phones will use Add On pattern "A" If you have a Large phone you will use Add on Pattern "B"

Forearm: Measure around your forearm about 2" below your elbow crease. and then measure around your arm 6" below that. you will now add .75" to each measurement and find the corresponding numbers on the pattern piece. If you are between sizes, size down as phones are heavy and you want it to stay in place. The first measurement will be your size for the zipper end of the Cufflet and the second will be the size for the wrist end. Using a straight edge you will connect the 2 and this will be your custom fit pattern piece.

For example: My first measurement is 10" and the second is 7." So I used the 10.5" and 7.5" cut line.

Bicep: Measure around your bicep. Your Measurement will equal you pattern size.

For example: my measurement is 11.5 I used the 11.5 cut line.

Our sizes are selected and now you can use your pattern pieces and cut your fabric.

Once you have all your pieces cut you will start construction by attaching the Zipper. If you haven't already, attach your zipper foot to your machine. The instructions recommend clipping or pinning the zipper to the fabric. I personally use Wonder Tape. I love the stuff and it holds great and I can sew right over it with ease.

Tip: If zippers are a fear you are attempting on this project feel free to use a Basting stitch to first attach your zipper to make sure its perfect. Then you can sew it confidently.

When attaching the 2nd side of the zipper the wonder tape is perfect to make sure that the 2 pieces line up and don't slip while sewing.

Sew in your zipper. Following the pattern instructions #1-4 and these tips.

In this next step you will sew over the zipper. If you are using a nylon zipper sewing over it should be pretty easy but if you are using a metal zipper please hand crank your machine to avoid a broken needle!!

You can now complete instruction steps #5-8 which include securing the zipper and sewing the top and bottom of your cuff.

You are almost done! before you complete your Cufflet...

OPEN YOUR ZIPPER (if it is not already.)

If your zipper is not open for this last step you will not be able to turn it inside right!

Okay Finish it up! Remember to share your finished make in the SAL post on Facebook to be eligible for Prizes! and if you have any Questions feel free to tag me on the Facebook post.

Happy Sewing

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