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Sew Along with ALD Self Care Series: Grab n Go Robe

Hi everyone, and welcome to Day 1 of our Self Care Series sew along! Today I'm featuring the Rad Grab n Go Robe freebie. To snag the pattern, you need to join the Rad Patterns Facebook Group and then can take a trip to their files to find the kids and adults versions. I used the adult pattern and adult tutorial for mine!

FABRIC CHOICES: I used our super plush Ridgeley French Terry - stretch was a bit more limited but I couldn’t resist how cozy this robe would be for the Maine winter! I would absolutely use many of our other knits for this - ITY would make for a lovely light layer, and DBP, pointelle, waffle or rib knits would make for fairly warm layers with a bit more drape!


I went with the longer length, pointed sleeves, hemmed opening and optional pockets & tie. You can also opt for the shorter length and flat sleeves, and leave off the pockets and tie if you want; there is an option to add a band to finish the openings as well, which can provide a bit more coverage.



As a freebie, the Grab n Go does not have an A0 or projector file.

Well, I was all set to share how I pieced together the pattern in Inkscape, traced my size in a thick bright color, and removed all of the other size lines to use my projector, but then I learned that there’s an even easier way to put together the Rad Grab n Go freebie for a projector file! (Projectors are a great way to cut down on pattern prep time and help save some paper, too.)

Check out tip #2 in Sasha Sewist’s Top Tips for Projecting — she gives some details about an open source PDF Stitcher Tool that will do a lot of the legwork for you. I did a mini-video on how I used the Projectors for sewing group files: Projector how to align a pattern using Inkscape & Inkscape and Seam Allowance. PDF Stitcher will remove the need for the first one for sure!

If you print, make sure you use "100%" or "actual size," and overlap the black margin lines as you tape together.



I honestly don’t feel I have a lot to add to the directions for the Grab n Go since it’s pretty, well, grab and go! Here are a few tips I found helpful to keep in mind as I worked through. Side seams - I like to straighten out the underarm as I serge down the sides:

Band - it’s tempting to skip pressing as you go, but this went so smoothly pressing all three times! Pictured here is after I’ve folded in half right sides together (along the long edges) and pressed, and then opened it up to fold in both edges to the center. After this pressing is the final hot dog fold & press before you stitch along the open edges!

Pointed hem sleeves - I folded the pointed end in and then the two sides to hem, it made for a cleaner finish for me.


I'm so excited to see what everyone comes up with! Make sure to check in on today's post in our Facebook group to show off your robes, and check out the event to snag your fabric discount code and get a sneak peek at what the rest of the week has in store. Thanks for joining us as we #SALwithALD!

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