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Sew Along with ALD Self Care Series: Courageous Cardigan

Hi everyone, and welcome to Day 3 of our Self Care Series sew along! Today I'm featuring the Unleashed Patterns Courageous Cardigan. This is cocoon style cardigan so I consider it to be a quick sew! Feel free to sew along with any cardigan pattern you choose!

FABRIC CHOICES: I've made three of this pattern so far. Two with pointelle and one with oversized waffle knit. I like them all. The pointelle has a more drapey look while the oversized waffle is a bit more structured. I also think regular waffle knit, sweater knit, french terry and especially alpaca would make good cocoon cardigans. It depends how casual you want it to look.


The only options are no pockets, standard pockets and oversized pockets. I used the standard on the black pointelle version and the oversized on my lavender and denim ones.

Based on my original muslin I also shortened the back band and lengthened the cuffs for personal fit preferences.



There's a letter file, A0 large scale printer file or a projector file included. I opted to print on letter. I have a projector but it was so few pattern pieces it didn't take me long to assemble.

If you print, make sure you use "100%" or "actual size," and overlap the black margin lines as you tape together.

I'm using a size 22 and I'm determined to get it out of the 2 yard cuts of fabric I have! So I found it takes some careful planning but I can do it! The front band is "Cut 2 on fold" so don't forget to leave room for that second piece.

After I cut the first batch of pieces I usually find more room than I thought for the remaining pieces.



I honestly haven't read the directions but assume it’s pretty straight forward. So here's how I do it.

My preference is to pin as I cut. So these are all the pieces ready to move from the cutting table to my serger. Just one comment - I have the front bands pinned to the back band in the photo but they should also be pinned together to sew up one giant loop.

If you hate hemming and love your serger - skip this step.

If you don't topstitch the pocket band (or don't add pockets) you can use your serger entirely.

Attach Sleeves

Basting is not for me - I'm team wondertape. If you haven't used it before, basically it's double stick clear tape that dissolves in water. So I put it on the pocket, peel the backing, stick to the cardigan front and treat as one piece.

Sew up the sleeves and side seams. I tried to show my pocket but failed. My pocket is taped to the front so it will be caught in the side seam.

This is my favorite part. I think the circle shaped band is so fun. I start by lining up the back band piece with the bottom of the side seams. Then put the seam connecting the two front bands at the top center of the back piece and pin evenly. Band should also catch the bottom and center of the pocket, but since it's taped that should happen naturally.

I am also attaching my cuffs at this point.

Done! Mirror selfie from the moment it was hot off the serger. Haven't made it outside to grab photos of this lavender pointelle version yet.


I'm so excited to see what everyone comes up with! Make sure to check in on today's post in our Facebook group to show off your robes, and check out the event to snag your fabric discount code and get a sneak peek at what the rest of the week has in store. Thanks for joining us as we #SALwithALD!

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