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Sew Along with ALD Quick Sew Edition: Ringer Tee

Hey Everybody, it's Brittanie! Today we'll be making my favorite quick sew- The Ringer Tee! (link to the free pattern:

The Ringer Tee is my go-to for gifts because it's so fast (NO HEMMING!), and I can usually get by with using large scraps for the smaller sizes. This pattern goes from 0/3M-5/6T, and the largest size uses about 3/4 yards.

All you'll need today is your fabric, scissors (or a rotary cutter and cutting mat), clips, and your machine! I used the Turquoise Ombre Spandex (link: This shirt will be perfect for the water table days at her daycare!

First we'll start off with printing and assembling our pattern, and cutting out our fabric. (top left)

Second: Sew your shoulder seams (top right)

Third: Open up the shirt and pin the sleeves right side together onto the shoulders. Make sure you pin everything evenly! (middle left)

Fourth: Fold the shirt right sides together, and sew the side seams, from the arms down to the bottom of the shirt. (middle right)

Fifth: Take your neckband, waistband, and two sleeve cuffs, and fold them each right side together. Surge or sew the short ends. Now you'll take each of your bands and mark your halfs (or fourths). Mark the halfs (or fourths) on your neck opening, waist and arm openings. Match up your markings right side together and sew or surge.

That's it! I can't wait to see your makes!

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