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Sew along with ALD: Ellie and Mac Radical Rashguard

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Welcome to Week 2 of Amelia Lane Designs' Summer Swim Spectacular! This week we will be sewing the Radical Rashguard from Ellie and Mac. This is a unisex kid's pattern and is available from a 6-12m (18" chest) to 14 (31" chest). Be sure to join the event in the ALD Group on Facebook to get daily updates and ask questions as we #SALwithALD this week.

Here is our schedule for the week:

Day 1 (6/22): Pattern assembly and pick fabric

Day 2 (6/23) Cut Fabric

Day 3 (6/24) Color blocking

Day 4 (6/25) Sleeves and side seams

Day 5 (6/26) Band and hem

Day 6 (6/27) Catchup

Day 7 (6/28) Share!

Welcome to Day 1!

Today we will be printing and assembling our pattern and picking out our fabrics (mine are shown in the image below). For my fabrics I paired Sylvester with Hot Coral, to create a playful combination for my daughter. I just love the black and white print with the pop of color, don't you? If you haven't measured the person you're sewing for do so now. The chest measurement is the most important for this pattern. Once you have determine what size you need print your pattern, assemble it, and cut it out so you're ready for tomorrow.

A helpful tip: when printing Ellie and Mac patterns at home there are layers for US Letter and A4. Make sure to turn off the layer you don't need to remove the extra set of guide lines to make assembly easier.

If sewing along make sure to share your progress within the post on the main page for your daily entry, which will be tallied after we're done so you can catch up anytime throughout the week if needed.

Welcome to Day 2!

Today we are cutting out our fabric. One of the great things about Ellie and Mac patterns is their included cut list in the pattern print out. I tape mine to one of the bigger pattern pieces with packing tape so I can use dry erase markers to mark the pieces as I cut.

My daughter picked the Hot Coral for color blocking and neckband and Sylvester for everything else (shown in the larger image in the collage below). But you could have even more fun with it by using more colors and prints. Just make sure to label your pieces as you cut and flip the pattern pieces over to make sure they're mirrored properly.

Another thing I like to do when possible is to fold up pattern pieces instead of cutting out the different options. I did that with my sleeves so I could do a long sleeve next time without reprinting (shown in the smaller picture in the upper right corner of the collage above). It's really helpful with bottoms patterns that have different leg lengths too!

If you're sewing along, make sure to share your progress in the post in the main group!

It's Day 3 and we get to start sewing!

Today we focus on the color blocking: this is where the labels will be most helpful. Lay your main pieces out then pin or clip the corresponding color block piece to them, right sides together and sew using a stretch stitch or serger. When I work with slippery fabrics I prefer pins placed close together to prevent shifting (smaller image in the bottom right corner of the collage below).

Press and topstitch if desired: I used my coverstitch for this but any stretch stitch on your sewing machine will work well too! Topstitching isn't necessary, but it will keep the seams for flipping back and forth which can cause discomfort for some.

Don't forget to share your progress in the today's thread to get your entry in!

Welcome to Day 4! Today we are sewing the sleeves to the bodice pieces and side seams.

We'll start with the sleeves. Pin or clip the side seams to the bodice and attach using a stretch stitch or serger. Press the seam and topstitch if desired. Again, topstitching isn't necessary, but it prevents the seam from flipping back and forth while wearing and I think it gives the garment a more polished look. The image below shows my sleeves sewn in and topstitching. As you can see, I had a little shifting in a couple of the seams, most obvious in the top right corner. But it's not too obvious when being worn, especially on an active toddler!

Now that the sleeves are attached we'll sew the long side seam. I start by pinning or clipping each end and the seam where the bodice and sleeves meet. From there I pin along the rest of the seam. If you want, baste the seam at the armpit to help prevent that seam from slipping as you sew over it. That's it for today! Tomorrow we'll finish our rashguard.

If you're sewing along, don't forget to share your progress in the post in the main group.

Welcome to day 5 of the Radical Rashguard #SALwithALD today we complete our sews!

With right sides together sew the short ends of the neckband together to form a loop. Fold the neckband in half, wrong sides together so the seam is tucked inside. Find the quarter points of the neckband and neck opening. Pin or clip the the neckband into the neck opening at the quarter points, you can pin in between the points too, just stretch the neckband to fit before doing so. Attach the neckband with your serger or stretch stitch, gently stretching as you go. Press and topstitch if desired.

Turn sleeves and bottom hem under 1/2" and topstitch. It is easier to turn the sleeves inside out, place the foot of your machine inside the opening, and stitch. This is especially true for the smaller sizes.

Don't forget to share your progress!

Tomorrow is a catchup day in case you have fallen behind or have yet to start. Sunday we share our makes (flat lays or on the body, it's up to you).

And that's a wrap! Thank you so much for sewing along with me!

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