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SAL with ALD: Compose, Core, and Scorpion Day 7!

We’re here! Do you like what we did with our dress? I knew I wanted to dye it in some way, but I just didn’t want to do tie dye. Don’t get me wrong. I love tie dye. Possibly too much for the age I am. But I’ve done it a lot so I wanted to do something different this time. I got my inspiration from this YouTube video and am so happy with it. It’s so unique and my little artist is so proud of herself! This is what we love about sewing, right? Making something amazing and perfectly, uniquely, YOU.

This is my beautiful daughter, S. While I sewed her dress, she drew all the designs and mixed and painted the colors. It's 100% her! I always tell people she's talented and I'm not just saying that as her mom, it's true! She's talented!

So let’s see! Show me your makes! I have had so much fun sewing with you this week and I hope you’ve been having fun too!

Rachel's Day 7

We have made it to the end of our sew along, I hope you had as much fun as we did! I am so glad I decided to ask for opinions when having trouble to picking fabrics for my Core Tee. I don’t think I’d have considered the piping without it being brought up!

If you sewed along with us please share your sews in the main group with the hashtag #SALWithALD you can use this for all social media if you want, we love seeing ALD tags pop up in our feeds! I will also be making one final post in the main group where you can also show off your Core or Compose to get one more entry for the sew along prize. We will give all day for entries to be made, drawing a winner Wednesday morning at the earliest so if you are behind you still have time. Now let’s see those new tops!

If you are just joining in here are previous the entry threads:

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