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SAL with ALD: Compose, Core, and Scorpion Day 6!

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Michelle's Day 6

Catch up! Did you miss a day this week. I get it! Stuff happens. Life is HARD. And I’ve found you absolutely never know when life will throw a curveball at you. It’s kind of amazing how quickly life can change when the unexpected happens. Several years ago my husband and I, along with our kids (who were 4 and 6 at the time) got into a pretty bad car accident when someone blew through a red light, right into our car. I had to have a surgery that I obviously didn’t plan on having, my daughter had a broken bone and was having trouble doing things like using the bathroom or getting dressed. Things she had been doing unassisted for quite a while now were suddenly difficult for her. And I had broken bones as well and wasn’t much help to her, Frankly I needed the same help she did. My husband had to unexpectedly take time off work to help take care of us. His HR department asked him to please take time off in advance next time he needed to use FMLA, as they had not planned for his absence. He told them that, sure, next time he planned on being in a car accident he would let them know ASAP.

So I surely hope nothing as dramatic has happened in your lives, but in case anything did happen unexpected this week, today is your day to catch up with us! And this is an easy top to sew, so hopefully if you did get behind you can take this time to finish. I can’t wait to see everyone’s finished tops tomorrow!

Rachel's Day 6

I'm so sorry I am late to adding my part of the blog today! We are preparing for a big, out of state, move and I have been taking advantage of a slow down in packing and doing what I need to for selling our house to spend time with dear friends we're leaving behind and having fun with the kids. These past months have been stressful for us all and taking the downtime has been refreshing and much needed for us all. I hope that you are able to take time away from your stressors to refresh too!

Today is our catch up day. If you've fallen behind or haven't had a chance to get started yet, today is your day to catch up!

If you don't own the Compose or Core patterns make sure to check out the event Sew Along with ALD - Compose and Core Tees with Michelle and Rachel for discount codes! P.S. there's an in-stockfabric code too.

Tomorrow is share day where you can show off your sew along makes to the main wall if you want!

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