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SAL with ALD: Compose, Core, and Scorpion Day 3!

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Michelle's Day 3

Today we’re finally getting to the sewing! Yay!!

So first up, we are going to sew those Viennese seams. These are the princess looking seams on each side. This is super easy. You’re going to want to make sure you line them up correctly and then pin or clip the first one in place. It doesn’t matter where you start. Once you have that ready, go ahead and sew.

When you’ve finished your first seam, pin or clip the next piece into place. Then sew. You are going to do this until the front panel is attached to the left side, then the left side is attached to the back panel, the the back panel is attached to the right side, and then finally you are going to attach the right side to the front panel, so now you have a tube where all the pieces are connected.

If you’ve ever sewn a raglan, this reminded me a lot of that. It’s definitely different from how you would regularly construct a garment, but it’s so easy, I promise!

Now we’re going to go for the shoulder seams. Line those up, right sides together, pin or clip, and sew. Boom baby! You’re done for today!

Tomorrow we will be doing the sleeves and the neckband. Are you glad we saved those parts for later? When I first started sewing I was intimidated by sleeves and super intimidated by neckbands. Now I can breeze right through them!

Rachel's Day 3

Today we are sewing the Viennese seams (side panels) and shoulder seams. If you're doing one of the skirt options for the Compose, sew those together today as well. You can attach it to the bodice at this time if desired.

Because I am adding piping to my front seams I had a couple extra steps to take. First, I found the center points of the piping pieces and sides of the front bodice. Then I folded the piping in half along the length wrong sides together and pinned to the right side of the bodice side seams. Finally I placed the side panels on the front bodice, sandwiching the piping between bodice and side panel and sewed together. Make sure that you're mindful of your pattern markings!

Before moving on press the seams and topstitch if desired. I prefer topstitching because it keeps the seams from flopping. Attach the back bodice to the side panels, press and topstitch if desired. Finally turn the top inside out and sew your shoulder seams and we're done with Day 3!

Tips: if your fabrics are slippery, like the White Scorpion, a little washable glue in the seam allowance can keep everything from shifting (I use it at the ends of my seams). Remember when pinning or clipping together that you’re lining up at the stitch line, not the edges.

Share a picture of your progress on the daily thread to get your daily entry in.

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