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SAL with ALD: Compose, Core, and Scorpion Day 2.

Michelle's Day 2

Today is our day to cut out fabric. Yesterday we printed our pattern (if you're using a printed copy) and prepped the fabric, so today we're ready to cut!

Since I'm using my projector, this is a quick and easy process. I selected my size (well, my 13 year old's size) and got to work. I am fortunate to have a cutting table with a mat for my projector. I always like to use my ruler whenever possible, because it makes my cuts sharper and more accurate. And then, of course, if you've read my blogs before you know I love making that tidy little pile of pieces at the end, haha! So I do that every time. It's just something about it that makes me feel like I have my life together, isn't that the high all millennial chase?

I hope you're ready with your sewing clips (or pins) because tomorrow we will be sewing!

Rachel's Day 2

Now that our pattern is prepped and fabric picked out it is time to start cutting!

My side panels and sleeves I cut in the White Scorpion, the front and back bodice pieces I cut in the Purple, and my piping and neckband in Pink. Because the piping and neckband are similar in length I clipped my piping pieces together to avoid mixing them up later. I decided I wanted slightly wider piping so I cut mine 2" wide by the length of the front curve of the side panel (measured with a soft tape). Laura used 1.5” wide piping for the blog hack and that looked amazing too: it pulled color from the print and really made it pop.

Don't forget to transfer your pattern markings! I used pins this time, but a very small snip in the seam allowance or a fabric marking tool work well too! There is nothing worse than having to seam rip your sewing because you accidentally sewed the sleeves in backwards… yes I may have done that before with black fabric and thread.

Share a picture of your progress on the post in the main group to get your daily entry in!

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