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Re-Release Round Up 8/6/21

Release Date: Friday, August 5th

Let's celebrate summer. It's a crazy busy time for some, a needed respite for others. Maybe now is the time to sew up your fabrics? Are any of these in your stash? if not, they're on sale now!

This week are all athletics bases... I can think of four patterns that would be amazing in all these fabrics.... can you guess which ones I'm thinking of?

They're all in the new arrivals section of the website right now.


Dark Persimmon Sportivo

Caribbean Athletic Brushed Poly (265 gsm)

Mykonos Blue Athletic brushed poly (265 gsm)

Purple Reign Sportivo

Dusty Rose Dharma

Tuscon Red Olympus

Sneak peek at an upcoming ALD Blog hack and Rad Resistance Joggers by Rachel

Black Flex

Switch it Up from G+G (view C), lengthened, with an out of sight hack for a binder layer (well researched and totally safe at 78%) by Kara

Berlin tank option from Toby K, no hacks, just shortened by Kara

Hummus Dharma


Share, inspire and be inspired in the Amelia Lane Designs Facebook Group!

We're hosting the Sew Your Stash challenge in the ALD Facebook group. These re-released fabrics are in the New Arrivals section of and allow you to #bonus your entries! Double bonus by using the featured ALD Pattern of the week!


Affiliate links are a great way to support sewists who inspire you with their makes! Pattern companies offer us a small percentage of their sale price (no impact to the buyer's price) when our link is used. If you were planning on picking up a new pattern anyway and someone's make inspired you, it's a great way to help the buy their next yard of fabric to try something new, that may or may not turn out! If you would prefer not to use the affiliate link, simply remove the affiliate number, no one will be offended :-)

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