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Not So Cold Shoulder Sew-Along

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Hello all! Kendel here and I am so excited to be your host for the NSCS Sew-Along. Im sure you have seen the great tester photos last week on ALD's Facebook page or maybe you have already made one (or more) of your own. now we will sew one together! If you haven't participated in a SAL before, its a fun way to sew with friends or make the time to work on a project a little bit every day. Each day we will have a task, you will complete the task and post a progress picture on the official post on the Facebook page! I will be here to help with any questions along the way!

If you still need copy you can pick it up here.

Daily schedule will look something like this

Day 1: Print, assemble and cut out your pattern

Day 2: Cut fabric

Day 3: Optional Shelf Bra and Attach sleeves

Day 4: Neckband and Side Seams

Day 5: Hem and Bands

Day 6: Catch up and Share

Day 7: Catch up and Share

I will be updating this blog post daily with each days tasks.

Lets get to it!

Day 1: Print, assemble and cut out your pattern

Start by finding your size. Your lead measurement with the NSCS will be the full Chest measurement. (make sure you have a current measurement) and find your measurement on the chart located on Page #3 of your tutorial and this size will be you lead size. take the rest of your measurements (upper chest, waist and hip) and select the sizes associated with your measurements. (mine are 4,8,8,8 from top to bottom, 8 being my lead size)

Using Adobe, you will select your sizes in the layers drop down menu on the left hand side of the screen.

After making sure you have selected your sizes in Layers find the pages you need to print on page #7. select Print, click the print page # selection and input the page numbers from the print chart in to the field and print!Once printed you will overlap the pages to right over left, completing the diamond and secure with tape or glue stick,

Cut out your pattern and select your sleeve options.

Note: If you have decided to make a Hack by following one of the great blogs posted this week make any adjustments to the pattern pieces now. Also toss your fabric in the wash so you are ready to go tomorrow!

Don't forget to post a progress post on the Official Facebook post for Day 1.

Day 2: Cut Fabric

Todays task is pretty self explanatory we are cutting fabric!

Please please please prewash!

Since the base of the Not So Cold Shoulder is a Raglan picking 2 different fabrics is a fun way to play with a mix of patterns. Florals and stripes, solids and a geo print you mix, you match, i just cant wait to see!

If you are making the optional shelf bra make sure you are picking a fabric with good recovery.

Here is a peek of my fabrics!

Day 3

Lets get sewing!

If you are choosing to add the shelf bra to your NSCS you will start with that. You will sew the Sholder and side seam then hem the neckline and the arm by turning 1/2" and stitching.

Starting on page 9 of the tutorial it explains how to attach the shelf bra to the sleeve seam. Stacking the shelf bra

Bodice front and sleeve and sewing. You will repeat with the back bodice and then attach the other sleeve without the attached shelf bra. The instructions in the pattern do a great job explaining this part but make sure to reach out if you need help here!

If you are not adding the shelf bra you will simply sew the sleeves to the front and back bodice.

Day 4: Side seams and Neckband

If you are doing the optional Shelf bra this part is a little tricky so make sure you follow the directions exactly.

When sewing the seam with attached bra it is just sewn sleeve hem to bodice hem. The other side however must be sewn armcye to bottom hem making sure not to sew the shelf bra in this seam. Then you fold the bodice side seam out of the way and line up the sleeve and bra pieces and sew from sleeve hem to bra hem.

The neckband is sewn short ends together. Then you will find the quarter points. Find the quarter points on the bodice as well and match them to tye neckband clipping or pinning together. Sew while easing between the clips and press!

Today is the last Scheduled sewing day with a catch up and share day to finish out the week.

If you are adding cuffs to the Long Sleeve or maybe hacking the hem to be banded today is the day for this. also heming sleeves and or shirt hem.

Short and sweet and now you have a finished NSCS! I cant wait to see everyones finished project.

DAY 6 is a break or time catch up or start if its been a busy week there is still time! Make sure to hop ovee to our Facebook group and tell us what fabric you used on todays post!

THANK YOU! for participating in the Sew Along! It was a great week and i have loved everyones makes! If you havent shared make sure you do! Use #SALwithALD

Still want to participate? Its not to late! Catch up and post on the daily posts.

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