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New Arrivals Round Up 3/27/20

Release Date: Friday, March 27th

Pointelle & Plaid

See what our talented sewists were inspired to make!


We've got TP and more TP!

The Pointelle!

The Plaid!

Stay home and sew it up!

This round features fan favorite Pointelle Fabric. This base is a combination of all your favorite things about rib knit and waffle knit, combined!

Also bringing you a variety of plaid prints!

Aqua Pointelle

Self-drafted dress by Rachel R.

Denim Pointelle

Note: No sister pictures this week because they are practicing good social distancing! But what a fun way to stay connected while apart though with matching outfits!

Sage Pointelle

Anson Scuba

Dress in testing by Mya

Mack Scuba

Made for Mermaids Bonnie Leggings(free pattern!) by Michelle

Miles Scuba

Berry Jersey Plaid

Dress in testing by Mya

Dress by Hayley

Black Jersey Plaid

Reagan Raglans by Rechel

Dress by Michelle

Navy Jersey Plaid

Self drafted dress by Jennifer Seale

Dolman by Kelsey Jean

Vintage Plum Rib Knit

Halla Slim Dolman by AnnMarie

Hacked Allycat Romper by Jennifer Seale

Clover Dri-Fit

Hacked Crop Top by Sonia

Guava Dri-Fit

PS These amazing jeans are made by Kendel too! She used the denim available in the Amelia Lane Designs VIP Access Page!

Black Dri-Fit

Hacked Made for Mermaids Aspen Top by Sonia


All of these New Arrival fabrics are marked down until Sunday! No code needed ... but if you have one, say from the newsletter, you can stack that on top of the sale!

Share, inspire and be inspired in the Amelia Lane Designs Facebook Group!

You can always find the latest releases in the New Arrivals section of !

Affiliate links are a great way to support sewists who inspire you with their makes! Pattern companies offer us a small percentage of their sale price (no impact to the buyer's price) when our link is used. If you were planning on picking up a new pattern anyway and someone's make inspired you, it's a great way to help the buy their next yard of fabric to try something new, that may or may not turn out! If you would prefer not to use the affiliate link, simply remove the affiliate number, no one will be offended :-)

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