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New Arrivals Round Up 3/12/21

Release Date: Friday, March 12th

Rib knit, pointelle, faux alpaca sweater knit and DBP!

See what our talented sewists were inspired to make!

They're all in the new arrivals section of the website right now.


Dusty Rose Alpaca Sweater Knit

Made by Runi Something Balloony by Lakeisha

Sullivan DBP

McCall L9457 by Lakeisha

Bella Sunshine Designs Maci by Jess

Unleashed Patterns Fearless (hacked) by Laura

Sinclair Patterns Sydney Cardigan by Mya

Evans Rib Knit

New pattern coming soon from Made for Mermaids

Petite Stitchery Bonfire Basics by Emily

Sonia Estep Lucy by Kendel

By Kendel

Jade Rib Knit

New pattern coming soon from Made for Mermaids by Diane

Mother Grimm Belantine (hacked to cardigan) by Rachel

George and Ginger Picnic Dress by Laura

Ellie and Mac Sunshine Leggings by Mya

Nelson Rib Knit

Made for Mermaids Oaklynn by Clara

Amelia Lane Designs Little Dreamer by Jess

Dress by Reina

Stay + Stitch Avenue Dress by Mya

Elsa Pointelle

Ellie and Mac Be Invincible by Kendel

Love Notions Laundry Day Tee by Rachel

Patterns for Pirates Summer Cover Up by Kristin

Misusu Rowan Tee by Mari

Riverdale Pointelle

Halla Vivienne by Kelle

Pattern Emporium Yours Truly by Laura

Bella Sunshine Designs Maggie Peplum by Mya

Sage Stripe Pointelle

Tees by Laura

Sinclair Patterns Sydney Cardigan by Hayley

Petite Stitchery Halsey by Jess

Eunoia Bazzle by Jamie

Sonia Estep Designs Danielle Cardigan by Mya

Olive Solid Pointelle

Ellie and Mac Straight Fit Basic Tee by Jan

Made for Mermaids Darcey Duster by Mya


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You can always find the latest releases in the New Arrivals section of !

Affiliate links are a great way to support sewists who inspire you with their makes! Pattern companies offer us a small percentage of their sale price (no impact to the buyer's price) when our link is used. If you were planning on picking up a new pattern anyway and someone's make inspired you, it's a great way to help the buy their next yard of fabric to try something new, that may or may not turn out! If you would prefer not to use the affiliate link, simply remove the affiliate number, no one will be offended :-)

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