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New Arrivals Round Up 10/25/19

Release Date: Friday, October 25th

It's a bit of a mixer upper! Some new sweater knit, french terry and athletics!

See what our talented sewists were inspired to make!

They're all in the new arrivals section of the website right now.


More fan-favorite bases, plus some new bases!

Alpaca-inspired sweater knit is SO SOFT. You've gotta feel it. (Disclaimer: not made from real alpacas, just feels soft enough that it could be!) Plus waffle knit PRINTS! How exciting! And to top it off, new athletic bases! Oh but wait, read til the end for an exciting surprise!

Gray and White Striped "Alpaca" Sweater Knit

Gwen made a cozy fall tunic in the gray and white stripe alpaca sweater knit using the 5oo4 Mabel Ruffled Tunic Pattern

Mari made a really sharp looking Halla Cozy Wrap Cardigan.

Sonia made a dolman that looks like it's divine! Wonder how long we have to wait to find out where to get it?!

Mustard and White Striped "Alpaca" Sweater Knit

Kendel used the mustard and white stripe alpaca sweater knit to create an Annelaine Aspen layering piece over her Grace french terry tee.

Sonia made a different, looser fitting dolman with the mustard and white stripe alpaca.

Gina shared the alpaca softness with her littles! How cute! The cardigan is the Alexa Cardigan by Max and Meena. Plus a scrap buster bonus sew!

Indigo and Red Striped "Alpaca" Sweater Knit

Emily's brother in law is modeling his new Toby K Patterns Yorkshire Cardigan Pullover in the super soft indigo and red striped alpaca sweater knit. This looks so sharp, Emily! Great work!

Jill also shared the alpaca softness! This is the Lowland Kids Slim fit cardigan

Rachel is matching with her little today! They both get to enjoy the alpaca softness. She used the Ellie and Mac High Hopes Dolman for her sweater and a cardigan for her little.

Kendel's twincesses get to enjoy the softness of alpaca knit and the fun of Fall leaves! They have matching Aurora Raglans by Sofiona Patterns.

Burgundy Stars French Terry

Keri finished the sewalong early it looks like! We are on Day 5 today, but she's done with her Ellie and Mac Going Home Sweater. She used the new burgundy stars french terry and matched it with the Gibson french terry!

Melissa used the Halla Cozy Wrap Cardigan pattern (it has so many options, this is a different view than Mari made in the Grey and White stripe) with her burgundy stars French tery. This looks cozy!

Rachel is on a roll! Such cute matching stair-step kids in their Burgundy Stars French Terry Ellie and Mac Chapman Cardigans. I bet they can hand these down as they grow out of them too. Such a great fabric for everybody.

Khaki Animal Print French Terry

I missed seeing Gwen's face! She's been so busy sewing for customers, glad to see she's enjoying a well deserved selfish sew this week! She snagged the khaki animal print french terry (she and I have been asking for this since the beginning but it's always been too hot, so glad it's cold now, and that the bosses find the fabrics on our wishlists!). Gwen made a 5oo4 Weekender Tunic for herself.

Diane had such a great idea to use the khaki animal print french terry for pants! These look so snazzy but she says they feel like pajamas! She used the Hells Pells Pattern by Petite Stitchery.

Clara did such a cool envelope cold shoulder hack on this dolman sweater! We can't stop talking about it!

Teal Stripe Waffle Knit

Cressida is super cozy for fall in the George and Ginger Batty Tunic with the teal stripe printed waffle knit.

Shakita used the Ellie and Mac Fireside sweater for the teal stripe waffle knit.

Jill made a cardigan for herself in the teal sweater knit. The bands look so cool with the large stripe. Great placement!

This ALD kid is growing up right here on this blog! Today she's looking quite grown up and ready for pumpkin spice season in an Ellie and Mac Sweetie Pie dress in the teal stripe waffle knit.

Periwinkle Performance Fabric

This athletic fabric is a new base and it's really something. It's nice and heavy but quick dry. Sarah used the raglan hoodie with a twist by Made by Runi Patterns

Orchid Performance Fabric

Sarah also tried out the new Orchid color performance too. I'll be watching the facebook group to see what she thinks of it. It's nice and heavy! She used the Daisy Babe by Striped Swallow Designs.

Shiny Green Tricot (Athletic)

Emily mashed three patterns to make this new running layer vest in the Green Shiny Tricot fabric. This fabric is much heavier than the other tricots and will be great for adding a layer for winter runs. I notice she's also got ombre athletic leggings and a two toned black DBP top and headband... all ALD for her morning run.


SURPRISE : All of these New Arrival fabrics are NOT marked down until Monday, October 28, 2019 like New Arrivals normally are BECAUSE....

As you may have heard on this morning's live, Mya has been busy celebrating a bunch of birthdays in her family this month, including her own!

To celebrate, use code 38isGreat to save 38% off all in-stock fabrics until 10/30/19!


The Waffle Knit Pre-Order closes today 10/25/19 but since we're all busy celebrating birthdays and sales this weekend, if you want to sneak an order in before Monday, you still can!


Share, inspire and be inspired in the Amelia Lane Designs Facebook Group!

You can always find the latest releases in the New Arrivals section of !

Affiliate links are a great way to support sewists who inspire you with their makes! Pattern companies offer us a small percentage of their sale price (no impact to the buyer's price) when our link is used. If you were planning on picking up a new pattern anyway and someone's make inspired you, it's a great way to help the buy their next yard of fabric to try something new, that may or may not turn out! If you would prefer not to use the affiliate link, simply remove the affiliate number, no one will be offended :-)

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