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Myfit Moto Hack

A few weeks ago I posted my Abbott MyFit leggings with a Self drafted Moto Hack. Many have asked how i did it, so here it is!

Every body is different and that is the Beauty of Apostrophe MyFit Leggings. After purchasing the pattern you enter about 12 of your own measurements into the pattern generator and create a pattern that fits you! No grading, no hoping, just the perfect fit every time.

Taking the correct measurements can be a bit tricky but this video will help you get your perfect fit!

ok let's get to it.

I started a new project under my Apostrophe patterns login. I selected Imperial measurements and stretch % of my fabric ( every fabric is different so make sure to check this to insure a perfect fit!) Next they give you the options for Waistband. I prefer Yoga so that is what i selected. i choose snug fit (i think this is best for moto hack) and Pant length with a side panel and pocket. This Hack could easily made with the side seam option as well. i entered the rest of my measurements into the pattern generator and selected a 1/4" seam allowance. Take note of what you select for seam allowance as we will need to add some later.

Save,Print and tape (or Glue) your pattern together per instructions. then grab a ruler and lets start hacking it up!

Starting with the "Front" piece I measured 11" from crotch point on the inseam and made a mark.

I then laid the "Panel" and "pocket" pieces on top of eachother aligning the notches and clip together to insure accurate measurements.

you can also tape or pin together in this step the idea is to make the pocket and panel to act like one piece.

now line up "front" and 'Pocket/panel"pieces at notches then overlap by seam allowance (mine is 1/4 inch).

Draw a line straight across both pieces from the mark we made previously. this is not a cut line so using a different color might be helpful. (at 11" from crotch point)

measure 2" up from this line and create a mark.

connect first mark and this mark. cut this line.

using scrap paper add seam allowance to both sides of cut. you can now unclip panel/pocket piece.

Top Front piece created from this cut will now be called "Top Front"

now i tape the lower leg panel, and front piece together overlapping the seam allowance (1/4) permanently creating a solid lower leg.

using a ruler i measured down 9" from top point on inner and outer leg of this new Front lower leg piece.

connect the marks and cut at this line. add seam allowance to cut line of both pieces.

our lower leg piece is now in 2 pieces. the top piece of this cut will be called "middle leg" and the lower "bottom leg." set the "bottom leg" piece aside for now.

i decided i need 1 pleat per 1". this equals 9. so i cut the pattern piece and added 9" from scrap paper to the middle of the pattern ( measurement should be 20" from top point to bottom point.)

all pieces can be cut from fabric. pocket/panel will be attached per instructions then attached to "Front top" per instructions. creating a solid Top piece.(referred to as "Top piece" from now on) next we will pleat the middle leg piece.

using heat erase pen, chalk or your favorite temporary Fabric marking tool draw lines every 2" starting at 1.5" from top point.

this will be your fold line. starting at the top, fold fabric wrong sides together at first fold line. clip or pin then stitch 1/2 inch from fold using coverstitch, double needle or stretch stitch.

repeat down the fabric at each fold line. Repeat other Middle leg (will be mirrored).

Stitch middle leg to Top leg. (top stitch if desired) then middle leg to bottom leg (topstitch if desired). you will have 1 solid piece now that can be attached to leg Back and finished per instructions

now you have some Moto Hacked Apostrophe MyFit Leggings!

Note. I used the wrong side of Abbot for the middle leg "Moto Patch"

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