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Marina Tank Hack: Drop it Low, Hacking a Deep V Neckline to the Marina Tank

Have you Grabbed your copy of ALD's New Marina Tank? This New pattern has great hem length options but only one neckline (and a great one at that!) so lets switch it up and drop it low!

What you will need:

* Marina Tank pattern printed or projected with all personal fit adjustment made

* measuring tool

* straight edge

* fabric marking tool (chalk, heat erase pens, washable marker etc.)

Lets dive in. This V neck hack can be as low or subtle as you like. I am going for a deep V look so i will be showing you how i achieved that.

Cut 1 tank piece as instructed. this will be your back. Cut 1 neckband and 2 armbands. Set aside while you cut your front tank.

Using a straight edge connect armcye to the fold on the pattern piece. Draw a mark only on the fold where this line would meet using a pen for paper pattern or fabric marking tool on the fabric if projecting. ( I love these heat erase pens ) From that mark, measure 1.5" down and create another mark. Make this line more bold or try another color as this is the mark we will be using to create our V. I will refer to this mark as V point from now on.

Using the straight edge again, connect the inside edge of the shoulder to the V Point drawing a line connecting the 2.

Cut paper pattern along this line

or fold back if you plan to use it again later. Cut 1 from fabric on fold. This will be called "Shirt Front" from hear on out.

Unfold your shirt front and lay it on the table in front of you. Measure from shoulder to V Point.

Mine is 11.5

Take that number and multiply by .90

11.5 X .90 = 10.35 add .25 for seam allowance and this will be your neckband length. 10.6

You will need 2 mirrored BUT you need the added point that the back band has so i find it easiest to just add length to the existing neckband pattern piece. To do this measure neckband pattern piece from fold to where the point starts. mine is 5.5"

Then take your calculated neckband length from above ( mine is 10.6) and subtract to find the difference

10.6 - 5.5 = 5.1 added length

add this length to your pattern piece using a scrap piece of paper (or mark with a ruler for projector use)

NOW cut 2 Mirrored

Phew! no more math!

Sew the front and back Bodice together at the shoulder seams. Sew on back neckband per instructions.

Stay stitch the V point on the front bodice using a long stitch length about 2 inches each side of the point, making sure to turn the point by lifting the presser foot with the needle down and pivot to create a crisp point.

Clip the point with scissors, being careful not to cut the stitches while getting as close as possible. Fold the front neckband pieces wrong sides together and press well. Overlap the straight ends of the neckbands so that the folds are on the inside and the raw edges are outside.

Stay stitch the raw edge of the point about 2" each side raising the pressure foot at the point and pivoting with needle down. Do not back stitch.

Pin the point of the Neckband to the point of the front bodice.

Pivoting at the pin, line up the neckband on one side and stitch the neckband to the bodice about 2 inches above pin working toward the pin. pivot at pin and continue 2 inches other side.

Clip or pin the rest neckband to the bodice lining up the corner at he shoulder seam and the point along the back neckline. stretch evenly and clip in place.

Now using your serger or a stretch stitch sew from the V point up to the shoulder on both sides. Remove all stay stitches. Press well.

Finish the Armbands and hem per pattern instructions and you are done!

What a great hack! be sure to show off your creations on ALD's Facebook page and follow them on Instagram @amelialandesigns

Happy Sewing!

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