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Marina Tank Hack: Adding a Gathered Skirt to Marina Tank

Marina has a fantastic neckline and lots of length options but how about we add a little something more? In this Blog i am going to share with you how to add a gathered skirt to the Marina Bodice. You ready?

What you will need:

*Marina Tank pattern printed or projected with all personal fit adjustments done

*Ruler or straight edge

* Measurement tool

* fabric marking tool ( i use these)

Lets get started.

Decide were you want your gathered skirt to start. For mine i decided on i 2" below the lengthen shorten line.

Tip: you can always measure shoulder to wear you want it to start with a measuring tape and transfer the length to your pattern piece.

Once you have decided where to cut your bodice add .25" seam allowance to that measurement and cut your pattern piece and set bottom aside for later. Cut 2 from fabric.

Also cut 2 neckbands and 2 arm bands.

Next Lay one of the bodice's in front of you on the table with the bottom facing you.

Measure the width of your bodice. Mine is 19"

Take the number and multiply it by 1.5

19 x 1.5 = 28.5

This will be the width of your skirt.

Next we will find the length of our skirt. I am making a top length but this same method would apply to tunic, dress or maxi length as well.

using your bottom pattern piece you set aside earlier (or measure your projector piece where you cut the bodice) measure from top to bottom. Mine is 13"

Add .25" for seam allowance.

Now that i have the width and length i will cut 2 rectangles using those measurements. Make sure you are cutting your width along the stretch of your fabric.

My measurements are 28.5 by 13.25"

Now we sew.

Sew the bodice as instructed on pattern. Pay special attention to the neckband and armband installation as they are different then standard bands. Sew the skirt pieces together at the side seams.

Using your favorite gathering method gather the top of the skirt. I use a long straight stitch do not back stitch at beginning or end and do not sew over where you started. I like to sew from side seam to side seam stopping and leaving long tails on each side do that the front and back are gathered separately. Pull the bobbin threads until the skirt matches the width of the bodice.

Slip the Bodice inside the skirt, right sides together and clip or pin at the side seams. Distribute the gathers equally and Sew bodice and skirt together. Remove gathering stitches and Hem the skirt.

You are done! What a great hack. I cant wait to see what you create! make sure you share on ALD's Facebook page and tag them on Instagram @amelialanedesigns

Happy sewing

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