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Marina Tank Fabric Layout

Are you sewing up the new Marina Tank?

Depending on what options or size you choose, there can be different ways to lay out your fabric. Here's a round up of the options that are in the pattern.

Below is a graphic that summarizes the two common layouts.

The Double Fold Option (left side of graphic)

It is possible to get a Marina out of just one yard of fabric with certain combinations of size and options. The front and back pattern pieces might fit side by side on the width of fabric. This pattern is designed for knit fabric with a width of 56-60".

In the graphic I am showing the method of folding both selvage edges of the fabric into the center. This allows for the front and back pattern pieces to each be on the fold at the same time.

Here's a photo illustrating how I fold the selvages into the center. This pattern piece is a Size 20.

(I confirmed that my pattern piece will fit on both sides)

Single Fold Option (right side of graphic)

If the options or size don't allow for both pieces to fit on double folded fabric as shown above, it would be best to fold the fabric over just the amount of the pattern piece, cut and refold.

Tips for Folding Fabric

Don't forget to cut TWO armbindings! :-)

Here's another way to lay it out - if your pieces don't fit with two bodices, you can put the binding and pocket pieces on the smaller side of the double fold method.

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