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Marina- Cowl Hack

With the latest Marina, hacks were on all our minds. For my hack I have added a cowl neck to the Marina tank.

Adding a cowl is really simple and only requires a little bit of editing. We will use the already given pieces to draw our pattern piece.

A small note, if you are making the cowl out of rayon, using the current pattern pieces for the sizing is fine but if you are making it from a knit with stronger recovery than rayon spandex you will need to add 1-2" to the piece. Please remember it's cumulative and if you are adding 1" you will only add 1/2" to your piece since it is on the fold.

-Now I use my neckband piece from the pattern as reference and mark where my fold is and my first shoulder seam mark. For the shoulder seam I am marking where the triangle part touches the rectangle since the triangles overlap in the boatneck design.

-I then shift the neckband piece to mark again at the same distance from the middle mark. If you don't want your cowl to overlap and be more of an infinity, you could end here and skip to the sewing steps. (I add triangle marks to help me line pieces up later. Those are up to you if you want to add them.) In the image I also marked where I would line up the pieces for both rayon and different knits.

-Now to design the overlap. I drew out about 4" and marked that spot.

-Next I decided on the height of the cowl and drew my rectangle and created the curve at the end to meet the lines together. This will be your new pattern piece.

-You will need to cut 2 pieces on the fold.

-Place both cowl pieces right sides together and sew along the curve all the way to the other curve and leave the bottom open.

-Flip the piece right side out and start using your guide marks to line up your cowl with your Marina tank. The first mark from the fold I line up with the shoulder seam. And repeat on the other shoulder seam. Clip or pin.

-Then line up the two guide marks in the front of the piece to match so the cowl overlaps itself and pin to the center of the front.

-Make sure to catch both front flaps and sew around the neckline.

Congratulations! You now have an amazing cowl neck creation!

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