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Making the most of the Sizzling Summer Sale!

The sizzling summer sale can be kind of overwhelming. I'm feeling that way at least. I mean, the whole site is on sale, where do I start?!

Did you ever watch Super Market Sweep in the 90s? (it's available on YouTube now!)

I watched that show every day and was always shaking my head at the tv. Like, have the contestants never seen the show before they go on it? Get the instant coffee and the pain reliever! Skip the turkeys, they're like $1/lb and you can fit so much more in your cart without them!

So to the point, a smart shopper knows where the deals are!

The WHOLE SITE is 20% off and your 10% newsletter code works on top of that. Or if you're in the Facebook group, you probably saw the 15% capsule code there that you could stack instead.

Want to know more about the Getaway Capsule Challenge? Join the Facebook Group or check out this week's blog post!


Since I needed to organize my thoughts and make a list, I thought I'd share that process here.

Hi, I'm Laura from, as a disclaimer, I do blog and sew strikes for ALD as part of their Squad. But this post is just because I felt like talking through my shopping process! I'm a customer just like you!

How much yardage do I need?

I have an idea of what I usually sew and like to have fabric in my stash for when the mood to sew strikes me.

Right now I mostly sew for myself, my husband and occasionally my mom. I make a few gifts here and there but that's hard to predict.

Knowing who I might sew for gives me a baseline for the yardage I might need.

Here are some of the ideas running through my head - it might help to know that I'm usually a 2xl or size 20 and my husband is usually a large.

1 yard cuts are great for pencil skirts, a top with color blocking, the bodice of a dress. I can't do much in terms of a whole garment for myself with one yard so I mostly order 1 yard cuts if I'm planning to use them as a coordinate or with a coordinate.

For example I might order two one yard cuts for a raglan so I have bodice and coordinating sleeves. I can usually even make a raglan dress with this amount because I can get the bodice front and back next to each other on the width and I'm short enough (5'6") that a 1 yard length cut makes a whole dress length.

1.5 yard cuts are available from ALD for athletics fabric. This is really unique to ALD and something I appreciate. It takes pretty much exactly 1.5 yards for the length I need to make leggings. I might be able to get the waistband too, depending on if I used a coordinate for panels on the legs, etc. I really don’t need 2 yards but 1 yard would be too short, so 1.5 is perfect.

2 yard cuts are great for me for a sheath dress. For example, I only had two yards of the magnolia fabric and made this Jessie dress.

I find 2 yard cuts to be really versatile for making a single item.

3 yard cuts are my favorite for making sure I don't have any feelings of remorse about not buying enough (#DontBeLikeJan). I know that it takes about 3 yards for me to feel comfortable making a dress with a waist seam. I'm plus size, so that may not be the case for everyone.

I like 3 yard cuts because I can make a dress with a flowy skirt for me, or I can make a sheath dress and have enough left for a pencil skirt too, or I can make my husband and I matching tops. When I'm struggling with decisions, I just go through my cart and make sure all the quantities are at least 3 yards and I know I'll be set!

(I made both of our shirts out of 3 yards of the heavyweight red rayon spandex and I blogged about his here)

4 yard cuts are what I need when I'm making a dress with a full circle skirt or other detail. I don’t like to to worry I'll run out of fabric, so I err on the side of having enough extra. If I decide against a twirly dress, I can use a 4 yard cut to make two simpler outfits, so that I can match my mom or husband. If I just can't imagine my life without a certain print, I'm going to order at least 4 yards!

5+ yard cuts. The more continuous yardage you order the more useful your scraps are. I mostly order solids in this size. I like to keep solids on hand for coordinates and not worry about how much is left or have a bunch of different cuts of the same color laying around.


Solids in any size cut are handy. Everywhere I said coordinate, imagine I said solid. Because that's usually what I mean. I like to order separate cuts if I have a project in mind. Like a 1 yard cut for a raglan project. I mostly rely on scrap packs for my 1 yard cuts. They're a few inches shy, that's why they're in a scrap pack, but I would never have noticed and just assumed it's shrinkage from the dryer.

I stock up on the colors I know I use all the time, but I also rely on scrap packs and bundles for the other colors I never would've ordered for myself but discover I really wanted.

Like the mustard band on my winter wear dress

or the two tone olive for the Alyssa fabric.

But since the last time ALD had a solids sale (it's been so long!) they've stocked a bunch of new colors I don’t have, so I decided the best way is to order two of the 2 yard cut solids bundles.

The bundle is a better price than buying solid yardage (and less brain power since I get a variety of colors without having to pick!) and then stack the sale price and the capsule code and holy moly. So I'll grab 2 of the large solid bundles and get 10 colors in 2 yard cuts (20 yards, a maxed out LFRB) for $88! That's $4.40 a yard!!! Where do you ever find good quality DBP for less than $5/yard?

Is DBP too hot for you in this weather? It might be prudent to pick up the rayon spandex solids bundle instead! The heavyweight solids are heavy enough to have a fancy drape but still super airy to wear!


Now that I've done the responsible thing and restocked the basics that I always need for my projects, it's time for the fun part! Ordering new prints!!

What prints catch your eye? What do you see yourself or those you sew for enjoying?

How much of it do you need? Will it be alone or with a coordinate?

Need help picking a coordinate and not sure what will match? Ask in the Facebook group!

(My husband in the new Dalton fabric with two tone solid black as the coordinate)

This is too many decisions! Is there any easy button?

Yes! Bundles are cheaper than yardage and you're guaranteed that a fabric expert will pack your order with colors that coordinate! Did you know you can use the order notes field on the checkout page to request which print you want if it's not offered on the bundles page? You can! The shipping ninjas at ALD are super accommodating!

(This is the Monroe bundle)


What are you comfortable sewing with? What kind of season/weather are you making this for?

What are the qualities the pattern calls for? Do you need drape or shape?

Learn about the different fabric bases with Fabric 101 tool in the Digital Downloads section of the ALD website. Use code DIGITAL to download it for free!

Or maybe grab one of the mixed base bundles so you can try a new kind of fabric!

(This is the winston/army bundle that includes rayon spandex cheetah print, blue jersey stripes and black ponte!)


I'm ready to go shop now. My personal plan of attack is to grab the new releases (check out the round up post for the New Arrivals here) restock my solid DBP, grab some more rayon spandex for summer and then pick up some mixed base bundles to finish my capsule! Ready, set go!

This is what I need for my plans, but I'm curious about yours!

Leave some tips in the comments for how you're going to maximize the sale! What's on your wishlist?

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Jan Allison
Jan Allison
May 25, 2019

I love this post!!! Awesome job, Laura!!

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