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Lace Back - Little Dreamer/Dream Tee Hack

One of my FAVORITE ways to give a simple dolman some extra razzle dazzle is to add a lace panel to the back. This is a very simple process, with a ton of bang for your buck.

Ready? Awesome. First, you'll cut out your pieces as directed - we're not making any changes to the pattern pieces themselves. So you'll have a front, back and a neckband in your choice of fabric (I'm using Hart DBP). Set the front and the neckband aside for now.

First, give your back bodice fabric a good press along the fold. I like to do this right sides together to create a crisp crease, so I can nestle the pin into the channel.

Next, grab your lace! Any width will work, but the wider the lace, the more dramatic the impact. I am using 6.5" Blue /Cream Stretch lace. You want your lace to be slightly longer than your bodice piece (shoulder to hem).

Now, find the center of your lace panel and match it to the crease we created earlier.

Remember to keep your lace longer than the fabric at this point!

Pin carefully and consistently along both sides of your lace panel. This step is very important to ensure your lace doesn't shift while stitching!

Trim the lace along the hemline, matching the curve of the hem.

Now, using a sewing machine, stitch carefully along both sides of your lace panel. Make sure to choose a needle thread that matches the lace as closely as possible, as these stitches will be visible! My lace has scalloped edges, so I followed the curves as best as I could.

Once you have both sides stitched down, it's time to trim the lace at the neckline. Be careful not to cut into your bodice fabric!

There are two options for finishing your lace panel.

One - You can leave it as is, layered on top of your fabric. This is what we chose to do for this one, as my daughter doesn't like the feel of lace on her skin.

Two - you can choose to have an open lace back. To do this, turn the wrong side of the bodice up and clip (VERY CAREFULLY) close to the stitching line. Make sure you are ONLY cutting the fabric - not the lace! Repeat this for both sides of your panel, from top to bottom.

For either option, we'll now begin to construct our tee per the pattern directions.

Sew your shoulder seams right sides together. Find center front and back, mark quarters for the neckband.

Attach the neckband as directed.

Give your neck band a good press, topstitch if desired!

Once you sew your side seams and hem, you're done!

I hope you love this hack as much as I do! If you used this tutorial, I'd love to see your make in our Facebook group!

Happy Sewing!

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