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How to use your sewing machine to make a rolled hem.

Hi Readers!

Surprise!! I am a new face on the Amelia Lane Designs blog today. I am Sequoia and I blog at Today, I am popping in as a guest blogger and video maker. You may have even seen my face a few times, as I also sew strikes for ALD!

I did a quick video showing how I create a rolled hem using my sewing machine.

A rolled hem is often used when sewing delicate fabrics such as a chiffon. It is perfect to finish edges of thin, lightweight wovens or even linen napkins. Today, I used it to finish the edge of a knit. This knit is a Double Brushed Poly and the part I am finishing is for a ruffle around a neckline. I love the look of a finished edge, but I HATE hemming long circle edges. I always seem to stitch in some wrinkles along the way. Well, if you do a rolled hem that won't be an issue. Please click below to view my video. Also if you are interested in more tricks, tips, and great sewing projects, please click over to my blog at Thanks and Enjoy!

Here is a close up of all of my ruffled goodness!

This photo is on a flat surface so you can really see the ruffled edges.

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1 Comment

Laura Frost
Laura Frost
May 27, 2019

Oh wow, I didn't know you could do this with a sewing machine! So cool, thanks for sharing!

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