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Head to Head - 6 pairs of Joggers

After reading Mya's blogs about the head to head comparison on dolmans and tanks, I decided to jump in and compare joggers. Keri was also on the hunt for her perfect pair, so we decided to compare together. Having different body shapes and fit preferences, we hope this gives you a better idea of which joggers will work for you! To get started, there are a few notes on preferred fit: Keri prefers a high rise, roomy in the hips and thighs, tapered in at the ankle and side seam pockets. Sarah prefers a high rise with a taller waist band, medium ease throughout and tapered in the ankle. Side seam pockets are a plus! Overall note: Each pattern was graded and shortened per the pattern description. Fabric choice: We used jersey moss and ABP from the shop __________________________________________________________________________________ Pattern one: Ellie and Mac Good Vibes Joggers Size range: XXS-5XL (11 sizes) Hip range: 33.5in to 63in Waist range: 23.5in to 56in Keri: Size XXL If I had cut this pattern exactly to my measurements, the thigh and calf should have been one size larger than what I used. The size chart listed in the instructions only included measurements for waist and hip, so I went with a straight size XXL and printed only that size. While taping the pattern together, I got to the second leg piece and found another measurement chart that included measurements for thigh and calf! My thigh and calf measurements would place me in size 2XL. Since I’d already cut out the first leg pattern piece and didn’t include that size in my printing, I decided to go ahead and just sew them up as size XXL. I think I might like them even a bit more if they were roomier in the thigh, but as-is, they fit me pretty well. No major fit issues - maybe I could shorten a bit more on the bottom half. Overall, they’re comfy!

Sarah: Size medium at hips, small the rest of the way Overall not a bad fit. I like the rise on these as they hit where I liked. I would have preferred a slightly shorter rise with a taller waistband but that’s personal preference. One thing I did not like about this pattern is the only option for pockets are welt pockets which to me are not practical and just don’t make sense on a jogger. There was a little bit of excess fabric right at the back, but not so much that they look bad

__________________________________________________________________________________ Pattern 2: Patterns for Pirates Mama Bear Joggers Size range: XXs to Plus 3x (10 sizes) Hip range: 33in to 58in Keri: Sizing XXL at high hip, 1X at full hip, 2X at thigh, 1X at calf Overall, I think these are an ok fit on me too. No major issues. A bit of extra fabric on the back of my thighs and probably still a touch long on me. The yoga band comes up too high and ends up getting squished at my waist (folding it in half doesn’t seem to work as it then just rolls). If I were to make these again, I think the elastic band option would work better for me or hacking the standard waistband to just be not so tall. The pattern offers low and mid-rise options, but mid-rise here on me seems to come up just as high as “high-rise” options from other patterns.

Sarah: Sizing Small hip Medium High hip and thigh These are some of my worst fitting pants. The waistband was quite small and required A LOT of stretching which resulted in wrinkling at the waist. I did like the look of the pockets, but the opening gaped when wearing, not lying flat against the body. I used a mid rise option with a yoga waist band. The waistband was much to high when unfolded, and too tight when folded down.

Seems to be a bit of extra fabric at the ankles for my preference.

__________________________________________________________________________________ Pattern 3: 5 out of 4 Diane Joggers Size range: XXS-5x (10 sizes)

Hip range: 34in-61in

Waist range: 26in-54in Keri: Size XL at waist, 2XL at hip, 3XL at thigh, XL at calf-ankle There are technically no fit issues here, but I just don’t love the way these fit on me. The upper portion of these joggers feels more like a casual legging. They’re too snug on top and too loose at the bottom.

Sarah: Size small Overall the fit isn’t terrible. There is some creasing at the crotch. I really like the back yolk option for these ones. It’s a nice touch and something unique that makes them stand out. That being said, I cannot stand the pockets. Its a personal preference, and just do not like how they look. The rise was on point and the length was great!

__________________________________________________________________________________ Pattern four: Petite Stichery Co Yoggers Size range: XS-4X (10 sizes) Hip range: 34.5in-61.25in

Waist range: 25in-51in Keri: Size XXL Kinda baggy - some extra fabric in the front crotch area and the pockets feel really large. If I didn’t already own other joggers patterns, this would be a fine option for me since the pattern is free, but it’s not my favorite fit.

Sarah: Size large waist, medium hips down These aren’t horrible but again, not my favorite. I find the fit quite relaxed overall. I wish the waistband came up just a touch higher closer to my belly button. If I only owned this pattern I’d still use it as there were no major fit issues, more comes down to my personal preference.


Pattern five: Greenstyle Brassie Joggers Size range: XXS-4XL (9 sizes)

Hip range: 33in-54in

Waist range: 24in-43in Keri: Sizing Size 3X at waist and hip, 4X at thigh and calf These are not a good fit. When I bought the pattern, I could see that my waist and hip measurements put me in a size 3X (pattern goes up to size 4X). On page 6 of the instructions, there was another size chart which includes thigh and calf measurements. My measurements for these areas were not included in the size chart - higher than 4X. So, I made these pants according to my measurements as size 3X at waist and hip, then graded out to 4X in thigh and calf and hoped they wouldn’t be too tight. Turns out they’re too loose in the outer and back thigh but still too tight in the calf. It may not be clear from the photos, but they are pulling a bit in the calf with no extra room.

Sarah: Size Medium These were my go to joggers going into this. I like the option for a drawstring, and an elastic waist. However, testing the other joggers, I’ve now found these to be too tight at the top, and they are baggy at the bottom. I’m also not super keen on the pockets but again personal preference. As you can see in the photos, there is some wrinkling under my bottom and they are super baggy at the ankles. Over all an ok fit but would need a few mods in order for me to make them again.

__________________________________________________________________________________ Pattern six: Sinclair patterns JJ Joggers Size range: US0-US22(12 sizes)

Hip range: 33.9in-53.5in

Waist range: 23.6in-44.1in Keri: Size 18 petite My favorite fit. These hit all of my preferences. Not too loose, not too snug. I was worried the rise wouldn’t be high enough. Typically when pants hit around my navel, they get rolled down under my tummy to my high hip area. I choose a higher rise up to my natural waist whenever possible to avoid it. But the elastic waistband kept these pants in place comfortably over the course of a day chasing my toddler around.

Sarah: Size 10 waist, 6 hips down regular length These are my new favorite jogger pattern! There are no fit issues, I love the elastic and drawstring waistband, there are large pockets, and the fit is over all great for me! They are a touch tighter up at the hips and then go ever so slightly looser before bringing them back in at the ankles. Another huge plus for this pattern is it comes in petite, average and tall, so you can get a better fit based on your height and over all. These fit very similar to my favorite RTW joggers which is great!

It does come with a capri length too if that’s your speed.

The consensus is that the Sinclair JJ joggers are the favorites from both! We hoped you enjoyed reading our comparisons, and hope it will help you make an informed decision the next time you decide to sew joggers!

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