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Dream Tee Fabric Layout

Are you sewing up the new Dream Tee?

Depending on what options you choose, there can be different ways to lay out your fabric. Here's a round up of the options that are in the pattern.

Below is a graphic that summarizes the two common layouts.

The Single Yard Option (left side of graphic)

It is possible to get a Dream Tee out of just one yard of fabric. This works if you are making the tee length in a size 8 and below. With that combination of size and options, the front and back pattern pieces can fit side by side on the width of fabric. This pattern is designed for knit fabric with a width of 56-60".

You could fold the fabric over, cut the front and then re-fold to cut the back. In the graphic I am showing the method of folding both selvage edges of the fabric into the center. This allows for the front and back pattern pieces to each be on the fold at the same time.

More than 1 Yard Option (right side of graphic)

If making the dress option or a tee above size 8, additional fabric will be needed because the pattern pieces will not fit side by side on the width of fabric. In this case, fold over the fabric as much as is needed for your pattern pieces. In my example I included sleeves and pockets in the space under the front bodice's arm. These pieces are cut mirror image and do not need to be placed on the fold.

I then show additional fabric, folded over just enough for the remaining pattern pieces to be cut on the fold in a separate step.

Tips for Folding Fabric

Jan shared this photo that is perfect for this topic! In this photo, she has Quincy windowpane jersey fabric folded over with her Dream Tee pattern piece on the fold.

The reason I really appreciate this photo is because I wanted to mention the importance of finding the repeat in your fabric to help you line it up to fold evenly. As much as fabric companies endeavor to cut fabric on grain, there's some stretching on the bolt that can thwart their efforts to make sure to cut it straight. After that, I have noticed (and it could just be my dryer) that my fabric doesn't always shrink evenly. I think the middle shrinks more than the selvage edges maybe.

So when folding over fabric, look for a repeat in the pattern. Jan found a fabric that is really easy to line up because of the stripes, but for example, if you had an animal print, look on the fold and you should start to see a repeat in the portion of the design that is on the fold, if you have it folded straight.

Do you have any more tricks and secrets you rely on when laying out your pattern pieces or folding the fabric? Please share in the comments, it's great to find new time savers or techniques that make for successful projects!

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