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Core Tee Inseam Flounces Hack

I've been taking advantage of the Core Tee Pattern 's Viennese seams to add all sorts of embellishment. Today I added flounces in the front seams using denim pointelle fabric.

Start by measuring the length of the viennese seam and deciding how wide you want your flounce (or flounces)

I drew mine out on paper so I could figure out how wide I want the various points along the shape. I wanted narrower flounces up on the chest and wider down by the hem.

It took some doing but I eventually came up with an actual pattern piece size shape that I felt matched my drawing.

Cut the pattern pieces as normal plus the flounce pieces (mirror image)

Sandwich the flounce pieces in between the side panel and front panel pieces of the core tee pattern and then complete per the tutorial. (Hint: works better to hem the flounces first but I didn't because I was waiting until I had the right thread color in my machine - or you don't have to hem)


PS - I'll be back soon for more hacks! See the whole hack blog tour by visiting this category and watching for new ones to get added!

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