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Core Tee: Back Peek-a-boo

Kendel here again with a fun hack for the New Core tee pattern. Today we are going to create a fun Peek a Boo opening in the back of our Core tee. This Method can be used for the front as well but you will need to change up the measurements so that it they fit where you would like them too. What you will need: Core Tee pattern printed or projected. you will need 2 back (or front) pieces so make sure to print those pages twice. Something to measure with Writing tool Basic knowledge of binding (or the Relay shorts pattern instructions) Lets get started. Starting with 1 of your back pieces, measure down 2" from armcye point and make a mark on the side seam.

Then measure down from the center back 3."

with an arching line connect these 2 marks. You can now cut out this new pattern piece and we will now call it Upper Back.

Moving to your 2nd back pattern piece, we will measure up 2"from the same armcye point as before.

Make a mark here. Measure 8" down from center back and make a mark.

Connect these 2 marks with a curved line swooping opposite of the upper back piece. this piece can now be cut out and labeled Lower back. Now we will need to calculate the binding for the Upper and Lower Back pieces.

Lets start with the Upper Back, Take the measurement of the curved edge of the pattern piece.

Once you have this measurement multiply it buy .85. This will give you your Binding length. you can choose to make double fold Binding (1.5") or just fold over or "cheater Binding" (1") once you have decided on width but out this piece of binding and LABEL IT! bindings for the back pieces will not be the same and you do not want to mix them up! Repeat this process with the Lower Back piece Cut all pieces from Fabric You should have: Front Upper Back Lower Back Upper Back Binding Lower Back binding 2 Side pieces Neckband Construction: Starting with the Upper Back piece find the center of the bottom curved edge, and the center of the Binding clip or pin together at center points. Clip or pin together at both ends and sew stretching evenly between clips.

Finish the binding in desired method (fold over or double fold) Repeat with Lower Back.

Lay the Lower Back piece right side up on the table in front for you. Then lay the Upper Back piece on top of the lower back piece matching the Armcye points and 2"overlaps. clip or pin in place.

baste the overlap on the sides

Now the back can be treated as 1 Piece. Complete the Core Tee per instructions and show it off! I cant wait to see it! make sure to share on ALD Facebook group.

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