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Core Tee add a Hoodie

I love hoodies on my tee's especially leaving the gym when windy or a slight sprinkle.

The Core Tee and its color blocking makes it a great choice to add a hoodie with a pop.

I chose a favorite hoodie and traced my hoodie and the center piece as well. Its best to do this carefully along all sides and the bottom where it will attach to the neck seam.

I added seam allowance of 3/8" at the seams and for the casing I added 3/4".

Here are all my pieces cut out, I used some ALD lightweight brushed athletic I have been hoarding since a sale. I did not use the neck band since I will be adding the hoodie.

I sewed the tee completely except the neck.

I sewed the hoodie together and hemmed the opening 3/4" and decided not to add a grommet for a tie since it get in the way when I work out. If a grommet is adesired, it is added before hemming the hood opening.(add some interfacing to attach grommet)

Final step is attaching the hood to the neck opening. I overlap the 2 front pieces approximately 1" and then find the center back and front of the tee, and attach the hood.

I like to coverstitch the seam down afterwards as I like the look, but of course that is optional.

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