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Bundle Bonanza

Bundles, bundles, bundles!

Amelia Lane Designs creates the best bundles! Mya and Colleen spent this week pairing fabrics into more than 60 brand new bundles! Some even include sneaks of fabric that you can only get in bundles!


Bundle Basics

Bundles are cuts of multiple fabrics that coordinate well together, sold as a single item.

Bundles vary in the number of fabrics and you can adjust the size of the bundle by specifying the size cuts you'd like.

The bundle pictured above contains Echo (a printed supplex fabric) and two athletic coordinates.

Here is Sarah in a pair of Greenstyle Strides she made for herself using these fabrics! This bundle would be able to make these leggings as well as a coordinating top!

Bundle Benefits

It can be tough from looking at photos to know if two fabrics will complement each other. You can always ask in the Amelia Lane Facebook Group for recommendations about ALD fabrics, but another way is to shop by bundles. These fabrics are hand selected to pair well together!

This especially describes the traditional format of a bundle being a print and two coordinating solids. No pausing to ask which colors go well together, just grab the bundle and go!

Another benefit can be exclusive or limited fabrics! When a ALD has a limited amount of yardage of a particular print, it's likely you'll find it available as part of a bundle. This helps it go further so more people can enjoy the print. Bundles are special occasion, often limited time events! (hint hint!) These two (above and below) each contain a print that has not been released! By you can get it in a bundle right away!

Bundle Bargain

Bundles are a great time to score the fabric you've been eying on sale! Bundles are already discounted regularly when they're listed on the website. During the bundle sales, they're marked down an additional percentage.... and then you can use a code on top of that (hint hint newsletter subscribers!).

This is my bundle I am hoping to snag this week. It's the Fallen Feathers nylon performance athletic fabric with athletic coordinates. I would never have realized how well the bright turquoise jersey moss coordinates with the little details until I saw it as a bundle!

Bundle Brainchild

Not sure what to make? This may not be relatable, but sometimes my fabric stash is overwhelming. I have a lot of fabric and sometimes I get sewists block from too many choices. I know if I can just sew something, I'll get my confidence and creativity back, but I don't know where to start. This is where bundles come in handy!

Here's a great example of Breckley sewn by Sonia!

A bundle can inspire a look or a feeling. ALD is calling this the "Picnic Bundle"... after hearing that and seeing the bundle, Brittanie worked some pinterest magic and immediately found the perfect inspired look! Now that I've seen how perfect these fabrics are together, I can't unsee it!

How wild is this look?! I have been wanting the Rockford skulls jersey fabric since it released but I haven't bought it yet because I didn't know what to make. Now that I see these colors together and Brittanie's inspiration, I feel so much more confident that we can all rock Rockford!

This fabric look unfamiliar? That's because it's not available yet! Holly is being offered specially in a bundle before it releases! I mean, if there's any left to release! I could see myself wearing this so often!

Blue and mint - Summer can mean less options to bring in a color palette because there's fewer layers, so a simpler palette works well this time of year. You could do a whole capsule out of this bundle and always have pieces to mix and match!

Bundles are pre-styled! Anything you make with a bundle is always going to be coordinated and stylish! Some ways to work the palette's colors in to your project would be to use a pattern with color blocking. Ellie and Mac's Autumn Spice top for adults and Around the Block for kids comes to mind. Also, any raglan pattern is going to be a great way to show off the colors!

Here's some color blocking ideas from the team!

Around the Block in Rockford Jersey by Steffani

Inspired Bundle by Brittanie

Inspired bundle by Steffani

Emily - G&G Monna Hoodie in Sold Out Charlotte DBP

(Jan - Ellie and Mac Lucky Girl in Sold Out Santa Fe)

Laura - Ellie and Mac Chill Hoodie - Dalton and Two Tone Black

I like Big Bundles and I cannot lie

Sometimes I just know what I like and I want a lot of it! The bigger the bundle, the more options, savings, ideas, bigger everything. This all blues bundle could be so many things. I could be capsule wardrobe with many pieces that interchange. or it could be a family photo opportunity that coordinates but isn't too matchy matchy.

Don't forget solids are bundles too! I know I went on quite a bit about my solid solids strategy during the Summer Sale blog post! Get it! It's a solid strategy about solids LOL, a solid solids strategy!

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