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Back to School Capsule by Melissa

Sew your Stash Challenge was absolutely the kick in the pants I needed to make my biggest kid some new tops and dresses. I gave her the freedom to choose what she wanted me to make and she was ecstatic. There are a few mashes I’ve made for her in the past that we keep going back to, but then there are some amazing staples that make sewing her tops and dresses quick and easy.

I prefer an assembly style way of sewing. I unfold my big cutting table, plop on the two 24” x 36” cutting mats and cut everything out at once. Not only does this give me plenty of space, but it also allows me to stack the unfinished items together grouped by the thread color(s) I’ll use.

The Little Dreamer

The first pattern I sewed up was the Little Dreamer. The first dress I made exactly as written because it is lovely in its simplicity. This is probably the quickest item to sew, and I love the pattern for that reason. Not to mention the size range on it means I can use it to make tops and dresses for my kiddo for quite some time. Aubrey is so pretty.

When I first ordered this fabric, I thought the darker areas were black, it turns out they are just a dark almost navy blue which made me love the print even more.

The second dress I chose to use the two fronts hack for the little dreamer and gave the dress a strappy back. I think next time I’ll angle the straps a bit more, but I really love the way it turned out. I also used the longer sleeves for the front piece and gathered them to give the top a little more of a personality twist for my fun-loving girl.

The Cornelius DBP fabric is one of her favorites. I had it earmarked for her but couldn’t help teasing her a bit by telling her I had bought it for myself. The look of shear happiness on her face when she saw the finished item was worth it.

The Curved Hem Pocket Top

The second pattern I used was the Curved Hem Pocket Top from Ellie and Mac. I’ll include the affiliate link at the bottom of the page for those who would like it. I adore this pattern because first, it is free and who doesn’t love a free pattern? Second, I love it because it is an easy pattern that doesn’t hog too much fabric.

I do break the rules a little with this one, I always hem the top bottom after I have constructed it, I prefer the way the hem looks that way.

The first two tops I made with this pattern were as described by the pattern minus the pocket, she’s not a fan of pockets on her tops. This is one of her favorite tops during the hot Arizona summer and with school having started a month ago, it’s also within school dress code so she will get to wear these until at least October. These were made using Blakely and Ailey both are pointelle.

Pattern Mashes

The third pattern I used was the Kids Neighborhood Raglan from Rad Patterns. This pattern I adore because the file has standard and plus sizes included and it goes up to size 18. I love supporting designers that understand kids’ sizes do not stop at 12 or 14.

The main print of this raglan is Morris and the sleeves are the Purple Haze Rib Knit. These rib knits are so soft, I absolutely adore them. The Raglan is always a quick sew, probably only second to the Little Dreamer, and it comes together so effortlessly. I did mash the first top with the Ellie and Mac Curved Hem Pocket Top to give the look my daughter wanted, but the pattern is also amazing the way it is drafted.

The second item I sewed using this pattern was a mash of a self-drafted swing dress with the raglan neck and arms. I made a similar dress using ALD fabrics a few months ago and this mash quickly became her favorite. It is probably her most requested dress for me to make her. I really love how the Craig rib knit looks and drapes.

The last item I made her was this amazing blue Little Dreamer and Curved Hem Pocket Top Mash in Edgar. I know the top for the Little Dreamer has a curved hem, but my daughter wanted the deeper curve offered by the Curved Hem Pocket Top, so I was happy to oblige. I also already had the pattern cut out, so it was easy to do. This top I also did the gathered sleeve I mentioned before because she really liked the look.

Now after all that, I have my youngest asking for his turn to pick out fabrics and take photos. Wish me luck!

Curved Hem Pocket Pattern – Affiliate Link

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