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ALDbingo Summer Challenge Edition

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

It's time to play!

We had so much fun last Fall, we can't wait to play again!

With this game you can play as little or as much as you'd like and still have a chance to win each week. We've also added in guaranteed grand prizes for blackouts and the bingo grand prizes are just amazing this round!

Also there's a sale! The Cameli Birthday Sale-abration is going on now, so all the whole website is 25% off this weekend!

How Do We Play?

Start by downloading the game board below or in the pinned post of the ALD Facebook Group

Bingo Board
Download PDF • 99KB

Here's what it looks like!


Each square requires a separate entry. Though I know it's probably possible to blackout the whole board with just a couple of amazing sews, we're asking that each entry be for a single square. If your make fulfills more than one task, please choose which square you're applying it to when you post your entry on the weekly thread.

The squares are a bit ambiguous so that you can show us what each theme means to you!

Weekly Prizes

Each square has a task or a theme to fulfill. Each time you complete a square, share to the weekly entry thread in the ALD Facebook Group. The week runs from noon on Friday to noon the next Friday.

Here's what week 1 will look like:

During each week you can earn a #BONUS entry if your make includes a pattern from one of the week's sponsors. Here's the schedule:

Week 1 8/7-8/13:

Buttons and Bibs

Rad Patterns

Mother Grimm

Made by Runi

Week 2 8/14-8/20:

Sinclair Patterns

Ellie and Mac Patterns

Made by Runi


Week 3 8/21-8/27:

Goober Pea

Rad Patterns

Made by Runi

Sew a Little Seam

Week 4: 8/28-9/7:


Bella Sunshine Designs

Made by Runi

Rad Patterns

Some of these pattern companies are providing discount codes for playing bingo! Check the pinned post in the facebook group to grab those codes!

Bingo and Blackout

To get a Bingo, sew four things and complete the no-sew activity in a the row to connect five squares. You can connect squares horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

Earning a bingo will get you entered into a drawing to win a grand prize! Each subsequent bingo will be another entry.

If you get a "blackout" meaning you do every single square on the bingo card, you'll win a grand prize automatically! No need to be in the drawing, it's a sure thing!

As you sew, enter each make onto the weekly thread to be entered to earn a weekly prize. Procrastinators will still be rewarded though! You can enter as many times per week as you would like. That means you could do all 20 sewing squares on the last day of the challenge and enter them all on the final weekly prize thread PLUS do the 5 non-sewing (freebie) squares and enter your board to the blackout thread for a guaranteed grand prize in addition to any weekly prizes you win!

Here's what the blackout/bingos thread looks like. It'll be pinned as an announcement in the ALD Facebook group for the duration of the game.

Throughout the next four weeks you can sew as few or as many things as you'd like. I can't wait to see what you make! Are you a planner? Are you going to plan out a bingo? Make a Back to School Capsule? Or just wing it and sew what inspires you when it inspires you? (I'm a touch of a free spirit but I want to be a planner!)


How about an sample?

Search #ALDBingo in the ALD Facebook group to get lots of inspiration for each square and see all the different, creative ways sewists have found to mark off their bingo board!

Here's a few ideas!

I sewed up a quick hacci dress in Anniston, a pale pink print that I used for my muted square last Fall. As someone who normally wears really bold colors, this is totally muted for me!

I made a three piece mini-athletic capsule! Since it involved three separate makes I was able to mark off three squares! My hoodie was all bands, so it was no hems! I decided my open back tank was "be bold" and by adding my lipstick ABP leggings, that's three fabrics in one outfit!

My squares were all over the board so to start lining them up into a bingo, I pinned my favorite five fabrics to my pinterest. The "pin it" button is right on the fabric listing on the ALD website so it's super easy! Plus it helps me organize my project ideas!

Have questions about how to play? Ask in the ALD Facebook group or email !

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