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ALD Bingo: A0 Patterns 101

Have you heard the news? Amelia Lane Designs Facebook Group is playing bingo!

We had so much fun during the Getaway With ALD Summer Capsule (read the recap blog here) that we've decided to spark a Fall Capsule. This time though there's a guaranteed prize, fun prompts to play and even more exciting pattern prizes and discount codes!

The first of those exciting discount codes is a really really big one! PDF Plotting!

If you're not familiar with PDF Plotting, they do large format printing. They're the most popular large format printer in the sewing community. They are much cheaper than most of the local options, even after shipping. Not only are they very affordable, because they do so much pattern printing, they're very familiar with sewing patterns and have excellent customer service.

I happen to have a day job that involves working with large format printers to have construction plans printed. Even with my personal connection, it is difficult to order sewing patterns and have them come out to scale when the printer isn't familiar and can't help me place my order. PDF Plotting knows exactly what we're printing and their FAQs page is super helpful!

What's an A0?

Usually when you buy a PDF Sewing Pattern it comes with 3-4 files to download.

  • Tutorial (sometimes with 8.5"x11" pattern pieces included)

  • 8.5" x 11" pattern pieces

  • A4 Pattern pieces (this is the paper size used in most of Europe in lieu of US letter size)

  • A0 or Large Format Pattern Pieces

When you print in letter or A4 you'll need to assemble the pattern with tape or glue. When you print on A0 the pattern pieces print as whole pages on large paper like they print blueprints on. This saves the step of assembling the pattern.

How do I order?

Let's do one together!

Hover over pattern printing and choose either color or black and white.

Note that with A0 printing you aren't able to use the layers feature, so you'll have to print all of the sizes. If you're at the time of the size range like me and you only have to navigate a couple of lines (or sometimes even just cut the furthest outside line), printing in black and white is no big deal (plus size wins for once!). But if you're in the middle of the size range, you might find it easier to print in color to differentiate which line you want to cut on.

Another note on to cut or not to cut - When you order an A0 pattern to be printed with all of the sizes, you can cut the pattern out to your size, just like you would after you've assembled it. The downside to this is if you end up needing another size, you can't reprint as easily. Therefore I have heard a lot of good feedback that the preference is to lay a wide sheet of tracing paper over the top of the A0 pattern and trace off just the size and options you need. Then store the A0 pattern back in the tube it comes mailed in to keep it safe. Again, printing in color may make this easier.

When you get to the next screen on PDF Plotting, you'll need two pieces of information. The paper size and the number of pages.

A0 is an international standard paper size, 33.11" x 46.80". It’s a common copyshop size used by pattern designers. But be careful. There are pattern filenames that say A0, but are really much longer.

A tip that Mya shared in last Friday's live is that she finds the paper size by right clicking on the A0 PDF file and going to properties.

Once you've determined size and number of pages, scroll to the size you need and pull the drop down for number of pages.

At this point you can browse your computer's hard drive and upload the A0 file you want printed. If you have one of those one-off patterns when the A0 pages are at the end of the tutorial, you can still upload that file. Just use the notes field to indicate that you only want the last 1 or 2 pages of that 90 page document printed.

For most designers though the A0 is it's own file, so you'll just upload that and won't need to leave a note.

Scroll all the way down and hit add to cart. You'll need to repeat this process with each file you're uploading (i.e. for every pattern you want printed).

When you've uploaded all of the patterns you want printed, you can review your shopping cart and put in the discount code BINGO good through 9/15/19 for Amelia Lane Designs' customers.

Finish placing your order and you'll have your patterns in 2-5 days!

Plenty of time to get a head start on your Bingo sewing!

I am so excited that Amelia Lane Designs was able to partner with PDF Plotting to offer this code! It's so rare and awesome! In fact, I can't think of any fabric company that has been able to offer this before!

Would love to hear if you're taking advantage of the code! What patterns are you getting? Have you been building a wishlist for awhile? Share in the ALD facebook group!

If you've ordered A0 before I'd love to hear if you have tips too! This is my first order and I know I'm nervous!

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