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New Arrivals Round Up 4/25/19

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Release Date: Thursday, April 25th

Exciting New Fabrics Perfect for Summer!

See what our talented sewists were inspired to make!



Ponte is a double knit, perfect for structured dresses, pants, shorts, jackets. Now available in black, white and teal.


Heavy Rayon Spandex Solids, Rayon Jersey prints and new double brushed polyester colors!


Jan made Love Notion's Sabrina Slim's in white ponte and paired them with the Chirripo top from Itch To Stitch made in the new red heavy weight rayon spandex.

The white ponte is opaque enough to so comfortably be pants and the heavy weight rayon spandex has beautiful drape. What a perfect spring look!

Jan also made a Peplum with a Twist by Made by Runi. For this pretty spring top she used the new Alice Rayon Jersey.

For the neckband, she used the coral double brushed polyester. The library of double brushed polyester solids that Amelia Lane Designs keeps stocked solids means there is always going to be one that matches!

Brittanie used the Alice rayon jersey for these super cool, Made For Mermaids Cora Cullottes and Darcey vest! Her top is the heavy rayon spandex in ivory. This look is so flowy, cool and springy! Super cute!

Emily made the Adelyn dress by Petite Stitchery with this Alexandria Rayon Jersey!

For the neckband, she used the two two lava double brushed polyester. The library of double brushed polyester solids that Amelia Lane Designs keeps stocked solids means there is always going to be one that matches!

The Adelyn dress for women has been retired but you can buy it in girl's still. Here's Emily's affiliate link if you'd like to check it out.

Kelle made this adorable Hey June Linville romper in Alexandria Rayon Jersey! Such little detailed touches on this outfit!

Here's Kelle's afflink for Hey June!

Gwen and her sister are wearing matching Annelaine Mountainside tank tops made from the Malie rayon jersey fabric! So tropical and summery!

Here's Gwen's Annelaine referral link if you'd like to grab this pattern!

Kendel made a Dandelion Tank with the Malie rayon jersey fabric. So much sass happening at her house this summer! I love it!

Lakeisha made an Every Day Tee by Ellie and Mac Patterns with her Malie Rayon Jersey Fabric. She styles her outfits so cute! This look is called a french tuck, I just learned that from Lakeisha this week!

Here's Lakeisha's affiliate link if you'd like to grab this pattern!

Sonia made this whole look with fabrics from this release! Her top is made from the Erin Rayon Jersey fabric, her Coffee and Tea Cardigan is made from the navy solid heavy rayon spandex and her Sabrina Slims shorts are made from the Teal Ponte.

Here's Sonia's affiliate link for Annelaine if you'd like it.

Gwen made an All Season's Dolman by Annelaine using the Erin rayon jersey fabric!

Here's Gwen's Annelaine referral link if you'd like to grab this pattern!

Jess used the Cambridge pattern from Little Lizard King to make these pants in black ponte. What a staple wardrobe item! I bet these will get worn all the time!

To go with it, Jess made this Everything but the Kitchen Sink by Winter Wear Designs in the Taylor Rayon Jersey Fabric.

Shakita's look combines the black solid heavy weight rayon spandex with the Taylor rayon jersey print beautifully in this Made by Runi Hourglass Dress.

I also sewed up the Taylor Rayon Jersey fabric this week. I made a 5oo4 Jessie dress and added a quick handkerchief hem. I love the drape of the rayon jersey. It's light weight so I can wear this dress with a lot of skirt without it pulling so much.

Here is my affiliate link for the Jessie dress if you're interested in checking it out.

Kendel made this new Ragamuffin dress that is coming soon using the Elaine Rayon Jersey Fabric! Stay tuned to the Amelia Lane Designs Facebook Group because she will share as soon as it comes out!

In the meantime, here's Kendel's affiliate link for lil ragamuffin if you want to poke around.

Diane used the Elaine Rayon Jersey fabric to make this Boise dress from Little Lizard King - so cute and summery. This is such a sweet moment she captured!

Sarah used the Morgan Rayon Jersey with the royal solid heavy rayon spandex fabric for her South Shore Romper by Ellie and Mac Patterns. This outfit looks really comfortable. So lightweight, cool and easy!

Winston Rayon Jersey is probably the most fun animal print I've worked with! The colors are so vibrant for such soft fabric!

I made a 5oo4 Nora Bolero in black ponte to go over my 5oo4 Jessie Dress that I hacked to have a choker.

Here's my 5oo4 Affiliate link if you'd like to check them out.

Teukie is finding their inner cheetah with Winston rayon jersey fabric too! They made the Janis top by George and Ginger patterns.

Sequoia made this Camila top with the Winston Rayon Jersey and Diane Joggers with the teal ponte! What a great outfit!

Here‘s her 5oo4 referral link if you’re headed there!



The new heavy weight rayon spandex solids are not your average rayon spandex! They're thick and feel like the weight of double brushed polyester but they stretch and breathe as rayon spandex does.

Jess used the Boise pattern from Little Lizzard King to show case the beautiful drape of the heavy rayon spandex fabric in the wine color.

Sarah made the Twist It Up by Ellie and Mac with her heavy rayon spandex in wine. This top looks super comfortable. The stretch of the heavy rayon spandex is perfect for comfortable outfits but the heavy weight gives it enough structure for a cool feature like this knot/twist.

Kelle used the solid army heavy rayon spandex for this Love Notions Lotus Blossom Blouse. The heavy weight really gives definition to the details in this top without sacrificing stretch! and the details in this top really make it extra special!

Here's Kelle's afflink for Love Notions

Kayleigh used the solid Army color heavy rayon spandex for this Rosa Tulip dress by Do It Better Yourself Club! She said the heavy weight made it much easier to work with than traditional rayon spandex can be! So true, challenging sews you might not think rayon spandex would work for are back on the table with the heavy weight solids!

Here's Kayleigh's affiliate link if you're interested in knowing more about the Tulip dress pattern she used.

Sky is wearing the Angel Top by Rad Patterns in the gray heavy weight rayon spandex. The drape of the rayon spandex works so well for cowl and twist tops where the fabric's drape will show off the detail!

Sarah sewed up the gray heavy weight rayon spandex for this laundry day tee dress. She says she could make a million of these! I don't blame her! It looks so comfortable and soft!

Sarah lengthened the laundry day tee into a dress. The pattern is free from Love Notions. Here's Sarah's link in case you're heading there to check it out!

Kayleigh made a Katie! What a beautiful pop of color! This is the Greenstyle Creations Katie peplum in royal solid heavyweight rayon spandex. This is another detailed pattern with side gathers made much easier by the heavy weight fabric being easier to work with, but still having the traditional rayon spandex softness that makes gathers drape so pretty.

Here's Kayleigh's afflink if you're interested in checking out the Katie Pattern.

Diane used the solid Mauve heavy weight rayon spandex fabric for her Ellie and Mac twist up top! What a soft look with this soft fabric!

Here's Diane's afflink if you need this in your life!



Amelia Lane Designs stocks a large library of solid colors of double brushed polyester fabric! Perfect if you're looking for a solid coordinating match to a print, neckbands and cuffs or whole projects! This round of releases brings two new colors : Turquoise and baby pink!

Brandi made this Racerback by Pickle Toes Patterns using the solid baby pink fabric! The cutest!

Here's Brandi's afflink for Pickle Toes if you want to check it out. (PS I heard they're having a sale right now too)


All of these New Arrival fabrics are marked down 20% on the website until Sunday, April 28, 2019! No code needed ... but if you have one, say from the newsletter, you can stack that on top of the sale!

There are a bunch more new arrival fabrics that haven't been sewn up yet! What will you make with them? Share, inspire and be inspired in the Amelia Lane Designs Facebook Group!

You can always find the latest releases in the New Arrivals section of !

Affiliate links are a great way to support sewists who inspire you with their makes! Pattern companies offer us a small percentage of their sale price (no impact to the buyer's price) when our link is used. If you were planning on picking up a new pattern anyway and someone's make inspired you, it's a great way to help the buy their next yard of fabric to try something new, that may or may not turn out! If you would prefer not to use the affiliate link, simply remove the affiliate number, no one will be offended :-)

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